How to use LinkedIn for B2B Digital Marketing

linkedin b2b marketing

Basically, B2B (business-to-business) marketing has to do with the tactics of selling the products and/or services of an organization to another organization. It differs distinctly from business-to-customer transactions because it is based on more logical and profit-oriented considerations. In today’s marketing world, social media platforms such as LinkedIn presents a more effective way for companies to improve their B2B marketing strategy.

Due to high competition between businesses, it becomes increasingly vital to deploy effective social media marketing to grow one’s business quickly. And in fact, LinkedIn B2B Marketing affords one this opportunity. This is made possible due to the strategic position of LinkedIn as the most used platform where individuals and businesses get to interact on professional grounds.

Based on observation, it is quite obvious that companies prefer doing business with other companies that are found on social media, such as LinkedIn. Hence, LinkedIn marketing strategy has proven to be quite effective for B2B transactions and thus has the greater advantage for fast business growth.

Here are Top 10 LinkedIn B2B marketing tactics which can be used for your business growth

  1. Create a LinkedIn Profile

    Okay, in using LinkedIn for B2B digital marketing, the first thing to be done is creating a professional profile for your business. In order to make your business look attractive to other organizations and elicit their interest, your profile needs to be straightforward and professional. If you already have a LinkedIn profile then proceed to the next step.

  2. Profile optimization

    It is equally advisable that you optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to create effective brand awareness. This can be done by adding photos, brand logos and other content that would boost the presence of your profile as well as make it look more viable.

    In addition, you need to provide necessary information in a short, business-like manner. This is another B2B marketing strategy that would attract other organizations to do business with you.

  3. Know your LinkedIn audience

    Another thing to note is that you need to know your LinkedIn audience properly. Using the tool provided by LinkedIn, that is the Website Demographics, you would be able to identify the activities of your audience.

    In addition to this, interaction with your audience is very vital. Employing LinkedIn B2B Marketing entails you being active and responsive to messages and comments in the comments section. Hence, other potential business buyers would be aware of your social media activeness and would be interested in your products or services.

  4. Targeted connections

    Another way you can effectively use LinkedIn for B2B marketing is by making targeted connections through your LinkedIn profile. Networking with other businesses who are actually potential buyers will get your company good leads. Making connections is one of the indisputable ways you can use social media to your organization’s advantage.

  5. Content publishing

    Also, LinkedIn B2B marketing requires that you create and publish the kind of content that is required to solve specific problems that your readers (other organizations) might have. It is not necessary that you give verbose information about your companies’ basic details. All that is required is stating in a compelling pitch, what your company specializes in.

  6. Active company page

    Furthermore, you will need to maintain a good company page.Your page has to post regular updates and have active conversations with your audience. Your content must be relevant to your audience, and bits of vital information can be posted once in a while.

    Knowing that millions of users and top-level officials make use of LinkedIn, many of them would be people with influence on the purchasing activities of their respective organizations.

  7. Set goals

    In your social media marketing campaigns, it is important that you set achievable goals that you can work towards in gaining more attention from other users of the LinkedIn platform, thereby increasing B2B transactions.

  8. Join relevant groups

    Also, in working towards an effective LinkedIn B2B Marketing you need to join relevant groups. Several other B2B marketers and influencers exist in different groups, thus interacting in such relevant groups would definitely assist in your B2B marketing strategy

  9. Don’t self-promote

    Note also that you don’t have to self-promote. All you have to do is provide relevant information and make vital connections via your profile. Rather, you can simply indicate your company’s website address and direct your audience there for all further information about the company.

  10. Create valuable videos

    One other trending tactic in 2019 that has proven to be effective for LinkedIn B2B marketing is investing in creating valuable videos for your audience. There is an increased preference for brands with videos in their posts. In fact, digital marketing entails the use of digital media such as videos to interact with one’s audience.

Through your presence on LinkedIn, you can also gain an edge by covertly monitoring other businesses that are your competitors and how they interact with their audience, as well as the posts and activities on their pages.

Also, you can get referrals and leads by successful B2B transactions that you have previously carried out. This entails maintaining and enlarging your network of friends on the site.

Noticeably, LinkedIn is highly vital for B2B marketers and business networking of all sorts. According to LinkedIn, the site has 500 million members, out of which are 61 million senior-level influences and 40 million decision makers using the site. This goes to show that a larger percentage of business leads come from LinkedIn and it is highly vital for B2B marketing

In summary, there is a vast opportunity for business growth via Bottom of the Document LinkedIn B2B Marketing It is a platform that has risen to be the best social media platform where B2B transactions thrive, compared to other social media platforms. Indeed, B2B marketers have found these innovative strategies to be effective in using LinkedIn to the advantage of their business.

By optimizing the profile for your company’s purpose and making it appear more human and real, as well as publishing relevant content for your audience, you are gradually locating businesses that would be potential buyers for your company’s products or services, which is in fact the essence of B2B digital marketing.

For further questions and comments regarding LinkedIn B2B Marketing kindly drop them in the comment section for quick answers.

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