Top Ten (10) Digital Marketing Trends Everyone Needs To Follow In 2019

Happy New Year all, it’s probably a little late to wish this, but better late than never, right?

Anyways, a great start to this New Year would be to know the best digital marketing trends out there.

The world is evolving so fast and trends change every day hence, we have to be as current as possible. The first point to consider is knowing what exactly digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is basically any form of marketing or advertising you do electronically, online. It deals with advertising, selling and connecting to your potential customers over the internet. Digital marketing aids you to connect with thousands of people around the world and that is pretty amazing.

These days, most brands and companies get through to their users through a plethora of platforms online like social media, blog posts, videos and many other ways.

Below are the Top 10 digital marketing trends that are guaranteed to make your digital marketing journey a success.


    As the world is revolving, A.I and digital marketing are beginning to go hand in hand. A.I is basically the ability for machines and system to think and act for themselves with little or no human aid. A.I is fast taking over the world and is now applied in a lot of fields, including digital marketing.
    A.I improves digital marketing in the sense that it can help sellers understand their potential clients’ needs better, it helps in improving the clients’ experience and just makes their experience as real and comfortable as possible.


    Chatbots are a new development that is fast rising in the digital marketing field. They are automated technologies that can directly have a conversation with a customer. They really aid in this field because they give the users private and personalized experiences that feel real. Some messenger bots can be programmed to automatically send some messages for brand promotions.


    video marketingVideos are fast becoming one of the smartest means of communication. Videos give some sort of proof and lends originality to brands. Short videos are also very attention grabbing and a catchy video is certified to get a large number of views. Videos also give a clearer understanding of the brands, at least it throws more light than written texts and images.
    Also, making a video for your brand isn’t so expensive or difficult, it doesn’t have to be overdone.


    This is also a major trend in digital marketing and if done right, will really aid digital marketing in 2019. This is when a brand is advertised in a written format online. They are put on platforms as ads that are not made to look like ads. Hence, an interested buyer can click on the ad for further information. It is very effective as someone somewhere might need that product. It is designed in such a way that it blends with the actual content of the site and can be mistaken for the main content.


    This deals with the use of a special type of technology to digitally overlay data in form of text, video or image onto real objects. In order for this to be achieved, a smartphone, laptop or an iPad must be used. AR is very good in digital marketing because it offers users the choice to transform a real object; it kind of enhances the real world as the customer would see it as it allows that person add to the real world.
    AR enhances customer engagement and it creates good brand awareness.


    voice search optimizationThis trend has been steadily rising in digital marketing and it won’t stop. Voice search is one of the most important trends in digital marketing.
    It is a favorite among clients that have apps that enable voice bots like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. It is very quick and less time consuming and it helps users state what they want directly without having to go through a long screening process.
    Voice searches help make information exchange process interactive.


    IGTV is one platform almost everyone has heard of. It is one of the fastest means to pass information across, especially to youths. Most people these days are on Instagram as it is very accessible and mostly used on mobile devices. The time allocated to videos on his platform is kind of lengthy so, it’s a good place to pass your message across. IGTV works best for businesses that aren’t extra formal.


    This is a good trend because it eases the stress to flip through pages searching for products. This is done in the sense that the machines actually learn users’ search habits. Bots like Alexa and Siri are storing all the information we pass through to them, they are studying our patterns and this helps them collate a list of the things we like and vibe with the most. It makes the user experience easier, aids in targeting some specific consumers and helps in with useful recommendations.


    Whatsapp is a very popular social app that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Whatsapp is very useful for digital marketing because it provides an easily accessible private platform for customers to communicate with marketers. Documents, videos, images and texts can be sent on this platform and it really helps in product follow-ups.
    Whatsapp is a very fast means of communicating and it can be used to promote brands and increase client base with the creation of group chats that can take over 100 participants.


    content marketingAn all-time digital marketing trend that can never be changed is the posting of good contents. There is nothing catchier to customers like good and concise contents, whether the contents are in form of videos, texts, audios or images.
    Good and catchy content would make a reader want to read more and remember that every reader is a potential client.
    Good, original contents never go wrong.

Hopefully, this article has been of help to anyone hoping to increase their productivity in the ever-growing world of digital marketing.

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