website maintenance & troubleshooting

# website repair & care

Websites need regular upgrades and check for proper functioning. Regular backups can help save important data and facilitate quick recovery in case of failure. Get rid of common errors and problems without costly makeovers.

Complete website support

Our team of experts can fix any website-related issues ranging from regular updates to code debugging, server migrations to malware removal. 

website developemnt services offered by techpumpkin in Toronto
annual maintenance contact

Website AMC

Annual maintenance contracts to support websites with routine work. AMCs cover minor tasks like regular content posting, backup, scans and updates. Complete peace of mind with professional monitoring and managing your website.

server migration

Server Migration

Migrate your website files and database to a new server. Shared hosting, VPS, AWS or dedicated servers. Complete solution from backup to restoration.  DNS management, email migration, domain transfer and renewals.

website backup and upgrades

Backup & Upgrade

Regular updates and backup management for your website to keep it safe from brute force attacks and malware attacks. Keeping the scripts and plugins updated helps keep the security cover active. Regular updates ensure complete recovery.

malware removal from code

Malware Removal

Malware removal and complete restoration. A malware attack can render a website useless. It can get your website blacklisted on google and you can lose tons of traffic. We can help get rid of malicious code from website files and restore the website to normal operations. 

troubleshooting website errors


A normal website has 10,000 lines of code. Anything can go wrong and render a website offline. We can find such issues and get your website back online. Complete code level troubleshooting for static and dynamic websites. We also troubleshoot server related configuration issues.

emergency website support

Emergency Support

Website crash or failure can cost businesses huge financial losses. It also maligns the brand image. We understand you may be in need of urgent help. Emergency support to get your website back online ASAP. Use our contact information to reach out to us for immediate support. 

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