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Increase search engine visibility. Improve the quality and quantity of your traffic. Ranking on the top of search engine pages can open gates to high volumes of traffic with an exponential increase in leads. Our agency can help get your web pages crawled and indexed fast.

A website that ranks on search engines is like a shop on the downtown main street.

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SEO is a complex game. There are about 200 factors that influence the ranking of a website. To name a few meta tags, heading tags, content, keyword optimization, backlinks, internal linking, click-through rate and even session duration. There is a lot that a normal user can manage on their own but there is a lot more that will need professional assistance from an SEO agency us.

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tasks & activities

Optimizing a website for search engines involves optimizing 200+ factors. Some of the most important tasks and activities that are performed during an SEO campaign. 

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Meta Title Tag Optimization
Description Tag Optimization
Easy Navigation Structure
Robot.txt Optimization Setup
Alt Tag Image Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
H1 To H6 Tag Optimization
New Pages Optimization
Creating SEO Friendly URL
Edit and Add Content
Relevant Pages and Keyword
Canonical Optimization
Duplicate Content Checking
Irrelevant Page and Content
Duplicate Website and Page
W3c Validation and Mobile Check
Internal Linking Optimization
External Linking Optimization
Website Link on Logo
Web Structure Optimization
Link Structure Optimization
Add Social Media Icon

Local Business Listing
Local Classified Submission
Profile Submission
B2B Submission
High PR Directory
High PR Social Bookmarking
Blog Optimization, Setup, Ping
Blog Writing, Posting Submission
Image Creation, Submission
PDF Creation, Submission
PPT Creation, Submission
Document Creation, Submission
Article Writing, Submission
Press Release Writing, Submission
Press Release Bookmarking
Guest Writing, Posting
Relevant Forum Posting
Relevant Forum Profile
Blog Commenting
Video Creation, Submission
Web 2.0 Writing, Submission
Review Check

Website SEO Audit Review Analysis Test

We will audit your website’s SEO using AI tools for 20+ SEO factors. A manually generated report will be provided with issues and suggestions for improvement.

Advantages of SEO

why you need SEO

Increase sale

Get more traffic and increase your sale. Invest in SEO, do more business. Drive relevant traffic to your website.


Online marketing gives the best ROI. It’s flexible and effective. No other marketing medium works as well as SEO.

long-term strategy

SEO work lasts for a long time. Unlike PPC it does not die down soon. Invest once and reap benefits for months.

Better Conversion Rate

Get relevant traffic to your website. Target good keywords and convert that traffic into business. Convert leads into profit.

better brand recognition

Being in Top Ranks helps increase brand value and recall value. An established brand has an edge over competitors.

Stay ahead of competitors

It’s a competitive world. Having a website is not enough, it needs to rank well. SEO services are needed to be in the top ranks.

Honest SEO advice, just a call away.


Just having a website is not enough. Your website needs to be in the top ranks to be found by prospective customers. To be indexed and ranked on search engines the website needs to be optimized.

Without SEO a website is like an F1 car without a driver.

We love talking. And we don’t charge for talking.

Give us a call and we can guide you.

seo know-how for starters

DIY SEO guide

Learn basic SEO techniques. Manage your website’s SEO by yourself. Understand how SEO works and how you can manage it better.


What is seo?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about maintaining your website well so that it is informative to users and search engines. SEO sets the benchmarks for how your website performs online and how easy is it to find. The easier it is to find, the better it is for your business.

why seo IS NEEDED?

A good SEO standing ensures that your website ranks well on search engines (SEs) and hence attracts more traffic. More traffic results in more leads and hence more business. Your investment in SEO is an important business strategy.

How to get started?

SEO is a very complex interplay of multiple know-hows. You need knowledge of SE crawlers, website development, user behaviour and algorithms. Our experts can take care of all this for you and get your business rolling.

Want to know how SEO can help you?

SEO can be a game-changer. High quality and high quantity traffic that has a much better conversion rate. Easier to convert leads and more.

It costs NOTHING.
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