Social Media Marketing & Management

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Market on the most popular channel online. Social media content generation and scheduling. Put your social media on auto-pilot. 


social media account setup

Social Media Setup

Setting up and managing social media accounts can be very challenging. Having an expert do that for you will save time and money. And we are damn good at this.

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

Every business needs a strategy to get the best out of social media campaigns. What worked for ABC may not work for XYZ. We research and analyse what works best for you.

social media analysis

Social Media Analysis

Get a professional analysis report for your social media presence and impact. The more engaging social media presence you have the better is the brand value.

social media advertising

Social Media Advertising

Paid Advertisement on Social Media (PPC model) is the best way to kickstart your marketing campaigns on Social Media. Not everyone has the luxury of time to wait to gain momentum.

lead generation

Social Media Lead Generation

In a marketing campaign, all that matters is the ROI. On social media, you can generate leads which are relevant and are more likely to convert. Hence better ROI.

Social Media Influencers

Use influencers to reach out to the exact audience base. Increase brand awareness and get high converting traffic. Showcase your products and services to the audience of choice. 


Social media accounts for almost 50% of online users. Like search engines, social media platforms are also an important traffic source that cannot be side-lined in any marketing campaign. Social media platforms deliver interactive and engaging content improving response and conversion. These platforms also offer a better audience targeting and advanced analytics. 


content generation for social media

Content Generation

Social media is content hungry. To keep accounts live and active one needs attractive and engaging content. Photos, videos, blogs, articles, audios, infographics and more.

content posting automation

Scheduled Posts

Automated posting solutions for social media accounts. Schedule content posting for all your social media account. Keep social media account active and updated regularly. 

social media branding


Professional managed brand awareness and audience targeting. Create a robust brand image and improve customer brand perception. Social media management on auto-pilot.


online presence matters

Managing social media requires a lot of effort. Content generation, planning, designing, posting… every task demands your attention and consumes time. 

Devote more time to your business and leave the management of your social media presence to the experts. Our team of designer, digital marketing experts and developers will handle everything related to your social media. 

Market Online! Honest advice, just a call away.



Brand Image

Social media helps in creating a parallel brand image online. It helps a business interact with the real world, real customers and establish a connection. A well-managed social media presence can promote business and create a great brand image. It’s the third dimension which cannot be ignored.

business promotion

Business Promotion

Various social media platforms together have billions of users across the world. These platforms can be used to reach to prospective customers all over the world by promoting your products and services. Paid advertising on social media platforms, influencers and word of mouth are the most popular means.

brand loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Social media platforms provide a direct link to the brand or business and lead to its perception as a living entity. Regular updates, news, promotions, grievance handling etc. help establish a direct connection with existing and prospective clients. This virtual relationship promotes brand loyalty which has a long-term impact on business.


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Social media marketing & management services 

social media marketing and management services

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